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Jessica Sherry documentary filmmaker, Alita Films

Jessica has been working in the documentary industry for over ten years with networks including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, Sundance Channel and MSNBC and she has shot in many of the most remote corners of the world. Jessica is made her directorial debut with Waiting for John.


For the Discovery Channel four-hour special, King Tut Unwrapped, Jessica helped craft the story of the first DNA testing of the King Tut royal mummy family. For PBS Nature’s What Females Want, What Males Will Do, Jessica worked with a team in Ethiopia to tell the story of baboon love and its message about evolution. Jessica also produces short form digital content for many online platforms, including Discovery Digital, PBS, and Aljazeera.


Throughout her career, she’s interviewed DNA scientists, DEA agents and piano playing cats, hoping to glimpse into new worlds. Jessica graduated from Northwestern University with a Radio/Television/Film degree concentrating in production and creative writing.

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Alita Films is a documentary production company that specializes in long- and short-form films for cinema, television, and online platforms. Bringing stories to life from the far corners of the world in visual, intimate, and visceral ways, Alita Films works with clients including MSNBC, Zillow, National Geographic, Aljazeera +, PBS, Discovery Digital, and others to produce high-quality documentary driven content. Specializing in international work and indigenous peoples, Alita Films strives to tell stories that promote respect, empathy, and understanding of distant cultures and visually captivate and ultimately educate viewers on innovations and initiatives around the world. Alita Films is based in Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY. 

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