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John Frum Day celebration, Cargo Cult waits for America on Tanna Island, Vanuatu

From the days of Margaret Mead, the South Pacific has been studied for its anthropological and cultural significance. WAITING FOR JOHN is a valuable educational tool for universities, non-profits, institutions, and libraries, in subjects including:




Religious Studies and New Religious Movements


​Pacific Island Culture and History


World War II and the Pacific Theater

Indigenous History and Culture


You can bring WAITING FOR JOHN to your institution for a one time screening event, by streaming online on Kanopy, or by purchasing an Educational DVD below.




Contact us at to schedule a screening event or receive a digital preview screener of the film.


Stream WAITING FOR JOHN anytime, anywhere on your preferred device, when viewing in partnership with universities and public libraries that subscribe to Kanopy.  On Kanopy, the film can be viewed by entire classes independently, for specific research projects or assignments, or for entertainment.

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“The film is an excellent ethnographic film highlighting the many intersections of globalization, indigenous cultures, and new religious movements in the 20th and 21st centuries. I highly recommend the film to both scholars and students alike.”

- John A Stover PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of San Francisco


“Beautiful cinematography and storytelling...stimulates more questions than it tries to answer."

- Janice Haaken, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Portland State University


“Note for educators: Sherry’s film would serve as a good introduction to the phenomenon of the Cargo Cults and to Vanuatu..."

- Duane Johansen, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Want to show the film at your institution or make it available at your library?


The DVD Educational Use License makes it possible to:

- Hold screenings on campus or at your institution

- Lend the film out in your library 

- Show the film to groups and in classrooms to enrich curriculum


You can buy a copy of the DVD for use in perpetuity on this website or contact to place an order.


The Educational DVD is the 56 minute version of the film, which aired on PBS and is perfect for shorter class periods. The Feature DVD is the full 70 minute film, which screened in film festivals worldwide and gives you an additional 14 minutes of details about the John Frum Movement's story.

Educational Edition DVD

Feature Edition DVD

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